Avoid Trauma And Drama In Your Break-up

During a break-up, don’t let your emotions make your decisions. Remain polite and protect you rights by safeguarding your assets and consulting with an attorney.

Any intimate relationship creates vulnerabilities. When the partnership goes sour, the other person knows enough about you to be an effective manipulator. If you are separating, don’t let your ex make your decisions or give you advice. Your break-up will have less drama if you follow these tips.

Once you have determined that going your separate ways is the only solution, stop trying to remain in your ex’s good graces because you no longer have anything to gain by appeasing them. In particular, don’t give them money or anything of value, such as the title to your car. If you put yourself at a financial disadvantage it may be impossible to recover your losses after the separation.

Keep a low profile; if you are already in a new relationship or have been making big purchases, don’t tell everyone you know about it. Even if you are innocent of any wrongdoing, perception about you and your motives can work against you when the legal system is dividing up your assets. If you do end up in court, be mindful of your reputation. Don’t raise your voice, make accusations, act disrespectful towards the judge, or make rude gestures towards your ex.

If you have children, don’t drag them into your emotional battles. No matter how you may be feeling towards your ex, don’t make disparaging remarks or complain in the presence of the kids. Children experience great stress during the break-up of their parents without you putting them in the middle of a dispute. Children internalize criticism towards the other partner and are prone to depression and other problems.

Of course it is healthy and necessary to speak your mind, but do it in the right way. Advocate for yourself and your rights by regularly consulting with your attorney and preparing for the separation. If you rush to get it over with as soon as possible to just put it all behind you, you won’t be able to negotiate the best outcome for yourself.

Negative thoughts are all a part of the process, but don’t dwell on revenge. The lengthy process of separation will require that you remain focused and level-headed. If you become distracted by anger and endless attempts to distress your ex, you won’t be able to move on with your best foot forward and the process may even be delayed.

Break-ups may be unpleasant situations but they can still be managed with a minimum of fuss. If you want your separation to be a smooth one, visit this website http://www.meyergordonlawca.com to learn more about a family law attorney in Rancho Bernardo.


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