What Is a Temporary Restraining Order?

The purpose of a restraining order is to protect one person from coming into contact with another person who has abused them or caused them to fear for their own life and safety. While there is something known as a permanent order of protection that is meant to keep one specific person away at all times, the temporary option is something that an individual may want to obtain when they are in a bad situation and need the protection immediately. It may not exactly be in their best interest to wait a few days.

A restraining order may come in handy for a number of different emergency situations. For example, someone who is in an abusive relationship may decide they want to get out of the relationship and away from the person who has abused them for such a long time. Despite having the courage to leave, a spouse who has been abused on a daily basis may worry their ex will look for them, find them and then cause more bodily harm to them. If they were to apply for an emergency order, they could receive the protection they need on that exact day instead of waiting for several days to hear back from a clerk in court. Most people do not realize that waiting a few days could cause a lot of harm, especially if an ex is out for revenge. With the restraining order in place, the ex would have to stay 100 yards away or else he or she would get arrested right away.

While a restraining order is often a necessity for those who are trying escape abusive relationships, it comes in handy for those who are in other difficult situations too. Children who are victims of negligence or abuse caused by one parent may benefit from having some type of added protection. The concerned parent who is worried about how their child is being treated when left with the other parent may file for an emergency protective order. The concerned parent will eventually need to return to court if he or she wishes to obtain a restraining order that lasts longer than just a few days. However, the emergency option is worth having if it means keeping a child safe and out of the hands of someone who could potentially harm the child in more than one way. If it were not for the court having something like this available to the public, many people would likely feel unsafe in their own homes and even when they are out and about. For more information on getting a restraining order lawyer in Mission Viejo, check out the website.


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